2. Logo design for architectural firm Initia.

  3. (Sorry, this is the highest resolution version of this I can find)

  4. Roman and Cyrillic.

  6. Some photography work done for a redesign project of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium triliogy including The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

  8. The best inkblot for arachnophobia so far.

  9. My kitchen table, filled with my Rorschach inkblots for a series of posters on phobias.

  10. Elder Fuþark runic alphabet.

    Part of a project I set myself designing typefaces for extinct alphabets. I have also done Anglo-Saxon and the rather interesting Marcomanic runes.


    Graphic design/typography for an architectural based college project.

  13. Circular type design, done about a year ago.

  14. A very futuristic font I just designed. I think there’s something reminiscent of the a thirties, art deco font, what with the contrast between letter’s tall height and thin width. But I think it does look quite futuristic and sci-fi as well, I’m quite proud of the flat letter heads with the strange mostly perfect curves beneath them.

  15. Strange ‘a’.