1. Some crops from this piece.


    Nunavut, Canada. 



    South Atlantic Ocean.

  3. (Sorry, this is the highest resolution version of this I can find)

  4. The best inkblot for arachnophobia so far.

  5. My kitchen table, filled with my Rorschach inkblots for a series of posters on phobias.

  6. A repeat pattern of cats… lots of cats!

    (Too bad there are gaps between the images in Tumblr’s photosets.)

  7. A portrait of a friend.

  8. A portrait of Matt Bellamy, one of my GCSE Art pieces I did almost two years ago, when I was very much into Muse.

  9. Sketch of Tim Minchin done last year as part of my GCSE.

  10. Typography.

  11. Little Red Riding Hood. College illustration work done in the style of Bret Helquist (illustrated A series Of Unfortunate Events).